Anan SDR with Midi Controller

I was reading about how later versions of  PowerSDR and Thetis support Midi controllers to control the Anan series of Software Defined Radios (SDR).  I noticed it supported the Behringer CMD PL-1 controller.  I tried to find one to purchase but it seems nobody has it in stock.  I suspect it has been discontinued.  I did find only one on Ebay which I promptly purchased.  I really liked this model because of the large knob which would be used to control the radio's frequency (VFO).  

I am running the latest version of Thetis 2.8.11. The repository is here.  Plug the Behringer controller into your computer's USB port and start Thetis.  It is very easy to assign Thetis controls to the Midi control you want to use.  I used a Brother P-Touch label maker with black label tape to make the button overlays.

In the Setup Tab and then CAT Control Tab you will find the button for Configure Midi. Keep in mind there are three different Midi control types:  Button, Knob / Slider and Wheel.  A button is a push button.  Depending on how you set it up it could be On, Off or Toggle operation.  A Knob or Slider is a variable control with upper and lower limits.  The slider on this device is a slider which has an upper and lower limit.  Using this as a volume control think of it as 0% to 100% volume.  A Wheel is a knob that continuously rotates left or right has has no stop.  The big knob is a wheel that I set to control the VFO frequency.  The other Behringer knobs are really wheels.  They have no stops.  This limited my ability to assign then to certain Thetis controls like Bandwidth and Shift.

This is a picture of my Midi setup.  You just push a Midi button.  A new screen will pop up where you tell Thetis whether the control is a Button, Knob / Slider or Wheel.  Be sure to operate the Midi control to make it send out the min and max Midi data values.  Then pick the Thetis control you want to assign to the Midi control.

If you want to try my configuration on your CMD PL-1 here is a link to download my Midi Configuration file.  You can use the Midi setup screen to import my configuration.

Here's a photo where I installed support brackets in back of the PL-1 to allow it to stand more vertically on the desk.  Now it takes up less space on the desk.  The controls are still accessible.  The VFO knob is still easily used while resting my arm on the desk.