DMR Upgrade

The CSI CS-800D was recently upgraded in the shack with a Big Front Display (BFD).  The BFD is an eight inch touch screen that replaces the CS-800D removable front panel.  In has a build-in speaker or you can continue to use an external speaker with the jack in the back of the radio.  It has the same five buttons and volume control that are on the original front panel. The up and down buttons are moved to the touch screen.  There is another rotary encoder knob used for scrolling and selecting. The original hand mic plugs into the BFD.  Many of the BFD functions can be controlled from the mic keypad.  To use the BFD the 800D has to be at one of the later firmware releases. It's a nice addition to the 800D.  In my opinion it is too big for the car.  The display is not dimmable.

Here are some links to the product pages: